Project Details

Project Steering Committee

Walter Sinclair: Walter is the principal developer of PAGC. For his day job, Walter is the co-owner of two independent books stores in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Dead Write is a book store that specializes in crime and detective books, while White Dwarf is a store that specializes in science fiction and fantasy. One way to indirectly help the PAGC project is to consider ordering your next mystery, science fiction, or fantasy book from Walter through Dead Write and White Dwarf ship worldwide.

Dan Putler (Committee Chair): Dan is primarily responsible for developing test cases and testing PAGC. In addition, he maintains the PAGC web site (at times a bit sporadically), writes tutorials, and helps to market the project. In his day job, Dan is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Marketing Division at the Sauder School of Business, the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver.

Dave Sampson: Dave is reponsbile for building new release versions. He is also involved in marketing the project and writing tutorials. Professionally, Dave is a GIS Specialist at Natural Resources Canada. He is also the co-founder of the Ottawa OSGeo Chapter, and is heavily involved in several public geodata creation efforts.

Frank Warmerdam: Frank acts as an advisor to PAGC on a number of organizational and technical issues. Open source software is Frank’s day job. He is the principal developer of GDAL/OGR, ShapeLib (which is used extensively in PAGC), Proj.4, and a primary developer of QGIS. In addition, Frank is the immediate past President of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

Thank Yous

Zed Shaw: Zed helped in setting up the original SVN structure for the site, and in implementing the Webgen based system for managing the PAGC web site.

Liza Blaney (the Queen of gdb) helped in some of PAGC’s debugging and created the first Microsoft Windows build of PAGC in Visual C++. Since that initial build, the Windows build has been migrated to MinGW.

Tim Sutton of the QGIS Project and the Thuban Project team for addressing issues related to the display of some PAGC matched shape files due to the existance of NULL coordinates that occur when an address cannot be matched.

Brian Klinkenberg of the UBC Department of Geography, who introduced Walter and Dan to one another after Dan asked Brian if he knew a programmer who had the skills required to develop an address geocoder for Linux.

The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District and MetroGIS of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area for providing the funding through a project awarded to Walter that allowed for the conversion of PAGC from a command line program to a library and the creation of the CGI based web geocoding service.

The Social Sciences and Hummanties Council of Canada for funding the initial development of PAGC through a grant to Dan on geodemographic market analysis.



Version 0.1.4