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The files required by PAGC:

Reference shapeset

A reference shapeset ( See Reference Shapeset) is needed for both the build and match phases.

Schema table

An xbase schema table ( See Schema Table) may also be needed in the build phase for reference shapesets that use field names not recognized by the program.

User attribute table

The user attribute table ( See User Attribute Table) is an xbase file that contains the addresses you wish to geocode. It must be present for the match phase.

User order table

The user order table ( See User Order Table) is an xbase file telling where PAGC should look for address information in the user attribute table. It may also be needed if the program can't guess the structure of the user attribute table.


Posix systems: A recent version (3.0.55 or greater) of the BerkeleyDB library must be installed on your system. If you do not have this library, it can be obtained from Sleepy Cat. If you successfully installed PAGC from the source, this library is present. Windows systems: The executable has Berkeley compiled in with it.

Standardization files

The standardization files ( See Standardization Files) rules.txt, lexicon.csv and gazeteer.csv must be in your current working directory, in the same directory as the reference shapeset or in the default installation directory (normally /usr/local/share/pagc ).

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