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-b REFERENCE_SHAPESET_NAME : build the matchable reference using the reference shapeset named by REFERENCE_SHAPESET_NAME. ( See Reference Shapeset).


-d REFERENCE_SHAPESET_NAME : after a build is done, display the standardized data in the reference named by REFERENCE_SHAPESET_NAME. Requires the -i flag to indicate which file to display.


-i INDEXNUM : used with the -d option to indicate which index to view. -1 is the file itself, 0=Street/Postal 1=Street 2=Soundex 3=EditDist. ( See Indices).


-m USER_ATTRIBUTE_TABLE_NAME : USER_ATTRIBUTE_TABLE_NAME is the file name of the user's address file, the address xbase table for which a corresponding shapeset is to be created ( See User Attribute Table). If "stdin" is used instead of a file name, addresses are taken from the terminal and a lat/long is printed back. Must appear with the -r option.


-o USER_ORDER_TABLE_NAME : used with the -m option to help PAGC find the structure of the user attribute table. USER_ORDER_TABLE_NAME is the file name of the user order table, an xbase table giving the read order for the fields of the address table. If this option is not used PAGC attempts to guess from fieldnames contained in the user attribute table. ( See User Order Table).


-r REFERENCE_SHAPESET_NAME : the file name of the reference layer shapeset with which you wish to match. Used with the -m option. REFERENCE_SHAPESET_NAME must already have been built using the -b option.


-s SCHEMA_TABLE_NAME : SCHEMA_TABLE_NAME is the file name of the xbase table giving the attributes and fields of the reference layer attribute table. This is used with the -b flag. If this option is absent, the field names in the REFERENCE_SHAPESET_NAME.dbf file are used to make a guess, looking first for tiger and statscan fields.


-t Used to test the standardization of an address entered from the terminal. (See See Testing).


-v Sends extra information to stdout. If used with the -t switch, it gives additional information about how an address is standardized.


-z This option tells PAGC to collect some statistics on the standardizing rules used during a build. It is used with the -b option. ( See the Statistics file).

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