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14.1 Posix (Linux, MacOSX, Mingw/Msys)

Installation of PAGC 0.1.2 from source.

Place the pagc-0.1.2.tar.gz file in the directory in which you want to build the software. Extract the contents with the command

tar -xzf pagc-0.1.2.tar.gz

Create the make file with the command


The configure program will ensure that you have BerkeleyDB, Flex and the requisite C library functions and headers already installed on your system.

To compile the program :


To install the program, become su and return to the build directory. Use the command

make install.

This will install the PAGC executable into /usr/local/bin (unless a different argument is given to configure) and the standardization files into /usr/local/share/pagc.

14.2 Windows installation of binary.

Click on the pagc_0_1_2.exe self-extracting file. This will create the folder and install the PAGC executable, standardization files and html documentation in the Program Files/pagc directory (unless you specify a different location). It will create an uninstall program in the same directory and add an entry in the Windows registry.

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